The group toured several locations from the history portal, including Melissa - Antiquity, The George Tavern, Victorian London, and the 1920s Berlin Project.

 Tour of the Italian Campania area in Rocca Sorrentina.

Tour with the creators on how the biggest city in the world captures the pulse of nightlife and engagement. 

DJ Coz spun some holiday tunes and we danced the night away!

A four part series of reading and discussion of this great holiday classic.

DJ Coz spun the tunes, and all were decked out in historical garb! Prof. Graceful also shared some spooky Halloween trivia.

Tour led by Crito Galtier of the beautiful estate inspired by the Hatfield House, Hertfordshire, England. 

Self guided tour of Rome, complete with an ancient amphitheater and a museum of antiquities tour.

This medieval themed community offers a lovely environment, storytelling and a sense of belonging 

Toured the World War I themed London sim, with our gracious hosts Heinrich and Mitch.

We toured PomSoom Resident's and Somyen Resident's ongoing project about Thai culture.

Scroll through our photo gallery below to view images of some of our other recent tours!


Anne Frank Book Club

October 16, 2022 tour of the U.S. Holocaust Museum in SL.

The City of Rome

October 2, 2022 tour of Queen Ellen's City of Rome in SL.

Islands of Enlightenment Tour

March 24, 2013 - Streamed live.